Who Mentored You?
Most successful people can attribute a portion of that success to a strong mentor influence in their lives.
The Mentoring Process:This discussion began when we overheard one client telling another, “I wish I could find someone with more experience to share their thoughts, or walk me through that process.”

What a great idea!

Our institutions are full of knowledgeable, talented people who would like to watch others grow and then flourish, as they have. It’s also a place where people newer to the profession, or an area within the field of philanthropy, are searching for guidance and support from mentor figures.

Become a peer-coaching mentor, or the beneficiary of a mentorship who wants to “learn the ropes.” The discussion begins here. Sign up today!

Our list of growing mentors includes:
Jackie Bragaw Phillips
Central California Conference
Area of Expertise – Academy and Conference philanthropy
David Colwell, CFRE
Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center
Area of Expertise – University Philanthropy / Healthcare Philanthropy
Chris Carey, CFRE
Southern Adventist University
Area of Expertise – University Philanthropy / Global Philanthropy
Steve Reed
HFM Performance Advantage LLC
Area of Expertise – General Philanthropy, Marketing, Research
Ken Turpen, CFRE
Scott & White Healthcare
Area of Expertise – New Business, Planned Giving
David Faehner, PhD
Andrews University
Area of Expertise – University Philanthropy
Albin Grohar, PhD
Loma Linda University
Area of Expertise – University Philanthropy
Karen Johnson, PhD, CFRE
Rocky Mountain Adventist Healthcare Foundation
Area of Expertise – Healthcare Philanthropy / University Philanthropy / Academy Philanthropy

Charlotte Henderson, CFRE 
Monterey Bay Academy
Area of Expertise – University Philanthropy / Academy Philanthropy

Are you eager to make a difference in your field? Perhaps someone else has mentored you and you wish to return the favor. Maybe you are a natural teacher and enjoy the rewards of watching somebody else learn what you are sharing.

If this sounds like you, then a PSI mentorship opportunity may be just the thing for you.

There are many rewards as well that go beyond the personal satisfaction of mentorship. Check out some of our links to see how you can make a difference and what the rewards are.

  • A Mentor Checklist - Practical ideas about mentoring, directed towards the nonprofit community. This document explores a variety of mentorship roles, the risks and satisfaction, and how you can get the most out of this type of relationship.
  • Enjoy the Benefits - See how being a mentor can benefit you.
  • Mentor Opportunities - View the list of potential opportunities.

You may be new or in the early years of your career, or just new to a particular area of philanthropy, but where do you go? If you are hungry, eager to learn, and looking for expertise from another in your field, then you have come to the right place.

  • What to Look For - Understand how to be a ask the right questions and wisely utilize the time of your mentor.
  • See What’s Available - Sign up for mentorship opportunities.

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