The World Has Changed.
Where publications and emails were once the mainstay of communication, podcasts have become the newer, more personal way to reach out to clients.
Podcasts:Podcasting is just one more way that PSI is trying to connect with you!

PSI will produce a bi-monthly podcast that is focused on areas that are relevant to today's nonprofit leaders and fundraisers. We hope that you will find new insights, instructional advice, and an occasional inspirational nugget to guide you along.

While each podcast may vary in length, we think you'll find yourself coming back here every month to download another. We will produce several more going forward that feature other well known philanthropy practitioners, experts, and motivational leaders.

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Do you have a topic that you'd like to hear? If so, please drop me a line at, and I'll see what I can do to get it on the air.


Small Shop Fundraising Help: PSI has brought you several excellent and well-received speakers that have come together to bring you a video training series that will help you focus on sound, fundamental practices which will help you bolster your smaller shop and remind you what it takes to succeed in soliciting gifts and meeting donor demand. Look below to see the release dates for each and check back often to see.

(1.) The Seven Deadly Sins That Fundraisers Commit: Learn some of the biggest mistakes we in the Adventist church make when it comes to furaising, and how to avoid them.  by Lilya Wagner, CFRE: (Video Here)
(2.) The Seven Current Best Practices to Improve Your Fundraising: An overview of nonprofit fundraising, and examples of success. By Ken Turpen, CFRE: (Video Here)
(3.) For What Do You Need Money? A look at What is possible to raise funds for, such as operating versus project money. By Chris Carey, CFRE (Video Here)
(4.) Where Are Your Donors? A description of possible donors, who can they be an d how do you determine if they're for you. David Colwell, CFRE (Video Here)
(5.) Talking To Your Donors: How to make a case, what should a case contain, and internal vs external case expressions, plus customizing your case to specific donors. By LuAnn Davis, CFRE (Video Here)
(6.) Be The Chief Development Officer: When your fundraising staff is small, you've got to prioritize by becoming the CDO.  By Steven A. Reed (Video Here)
(7.) Using the Right Tools: This introduction will provide a quick overview to the major tools to use when raising funds. By Tyrone Freeman (Video Here)
(8.) Don't be a Solo Performer! Learn why volunteers are needed, how to recruit and train them, and how volunteers will and should work with staff and leadership. By Karen Johnson, CFRE (Video Here)
(9.) If You Don't Have a Plan, How Will You Know if You've Arrived? A look at why planning is essential, why donors demand it, and a look at a few sample plans.  By Dave Sternberg (Video Here)
(10.) Don't Forget to Thank! a look into short-term and long-term thanking and recogntion procedures and ideas. By Carolyn Hamilton, CFRE (Video Here) (Accompanying Document Here)


Healthcare Fundraising Help: The challenges of healthcare philanthropy are well known. Internal and external pressures come in equal measure...with everything from physician involvement, to Hippa, and ROI request that would make even some of the most seasoned VPs of Advancement gasp. Over the next several weeks PSI will continue to add to our healthcare series with 15 minute podcast that will be both informative and inspirational in your quest for success.

(1.) The Power of Process: Are you focused on what's important to your fundraising efforts? See how Malcom Gladwell's Tipping Point  has helped shape a philosophy of putting the right kinds of people into the best roles. By Steve Reed (Video Here)
(2.) Social Media for Nonprofits: Are you using social media in the most beneficial ways for you institution? Spend the next 30 minutes learning its untapped potential, strategies you can use, ways to measure success, myths, dos and don' well as great resources to take it up a level. By Chris LeBrun (Video Here)


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