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Executives, CEO's, CFO's and CDO's have an awesome responsibility to lead their organizations and nurture individuals in the community who make that possible.
Management & F.R. PracticesAre you ready for a campaign? 

Take a deep breath: Conducting a capital campaign may be one of the most difficult and time-consuming endeavors your organization ever undertakes. But rest assured that successful campaigns do far more than raise money for programs, facilities, infrastructure improvements, or endowments. They also generate positive publicity, energize and revitalize staff and board members, attract new donors, and move current donors up the giving pyramid.

On the other hand, failed campaigns can deliver disastrous effects, including demoralized staff, regretful donors, and negative publicity.

The most successful campaigns begin with equal parts soul-searching and old-fashioned legwork. Answer the following questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible from the "Are You Ready" document in the sidebar. If you answer “yes” to all of them, it may be time to launch the campaign that will help boost your institution to a new level of service and success.

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